From Germany to Korea

I’ve lived in Germany my whole life. The most I’ve been abroad were short holidays in Europe and Korea. I’ve lived the life of a conform housecat; just as my family and peers around me. Nobody was dreaming big; nobody was straying far.

But as my family kept shrinking alongside the friends I had, an urge manifested itself; I had to explore a path away from the stable and boring life my family preached me of.

I sorted my self and my life; Visited Korea and two years later, came back to stay.

As I started counting down the weeks and days, the feeling of finally leaving Germany was starting to lift a burden; Gaining closure with my past and the struggles of the last years.

While in Germany, even to this day, the pandemic is still going on in full force, Korea had been prepared since the start. It felt like I was fleeing from the incompetence in Germany, but I am more concerned about Germany’s future now than I ever was before.

After weeks of selling and throwing away the furniture in my apartment, I was finally writing these words, 3 days before my departure. It’s been over 6 months since then and I don’t regret it one bit.